Feel – Experience – Understanding

It might be useful to practice certain techniques in parallel to the psychotherapy. Meditation, contemplation, introspection or spiritual practice are such techniques. They have been proven in supporting the therapeutic process.

In meditation, people may find – away from the stress of everyday life – the inner calm. One can relax soundly and experience a new connection to the so called “NOW”, meaning being present in the moment. The fundamental idea is to develop an increased awareness of body and mind.

Mindfulness meditation is learning to be mindful and to focus on one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occuring in the present moment in an accepting and non-judgemental attitude. Ultimately it is not about achieving something, it’s an opportunity to spend time with yourself.

Not all people have meditative skills and sufficient patience to dedicate themselves to contemplation. Therefore, meditation is not required but those who are open to it may enrich their therapy experience. You can collect meditative experiences everywhere; climbing a mountain, cooking, playing music, or experiencing deep love and affection.

For all the benefits meditation is offering, it only represents a small area. Equally important is practicing an overall mindful existence, in which practicing kindness, compassion, peacefulness, patience, and tolerance will lead to a fulfilled life.