For coaching I offer this services:

    • Identify and implement new goals
    • Preparing professional decisions
    • Built-up and establish competence in challenging situations
    • Self-reflection

People, who are facing important life decisions or are in the middle of challenging transitions oftentimes benefit from coaching, providing professional review, stimulation and encouragement.

Personal coaching is designed to improve existing skills, competence and performance enhancing personal effectiveness or growth. Coaching offers support in daily life and provides coping strategies in crisis situations. Life coaching has promise as an effective approach to personal development.

About me:

I am a native German and received my training and licenses in Germany and the US. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and I worked with families, couples, individuals, teens and children in a wide range of settings and cultural contexts. I integrate empirically validated therapies (CBT), Client Centered Therapy as well as concepts from Attachment Theory, Family Systems Theories and Postmodern methodologies. I have an emotionally supportive, passionate approach building on a humanistic view.

Please get in touch with me:

Blanka Leeker Psychotherapy
Bismarckstr. 82, 10627 Berlin
10115 Berlin

Tel +49 171 9 302 402