Family Therapy

For families I offer this services:

(we have to see, if we integrate a short overview with bullets like this:)

    • Divorce and remarriage
    • Change of family constellation – Adoption
    • Chronic illness of a family member
    • Death in the family

Systemic family therapy nurtures change and development, by paying particular attention to the interactions between family members. The individual is not considered in isolation, but in the context of his/her relationships with members of the social structure where the problem is located. Family therapy is a solution-focused, mostly brief therapy.

I conduct my treatment with individuals, parents, nuclear families or multigenerational/extended families. My goal is to improve communication, develop new patterns of interaction and activate internal resources. I help to enhance family relationships and establishing healthy ways resolving conflicts.

Most common reasons to start family therapy are:

– Relational Trauma
– Family Therapy with specific child issues
– Substance Abuse Issues

In our initial meeting we will clarify and assess your needs and goals; then we develop a plan to step-wise improve the situation.

About me:

I am a native German and received my training and licenses in Germany and the US. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and  I worked with families, couples, individuals, teens and children in a wide range of settings and cultural contexts.I integrate empirically validated therapies (CBT), Client Centered Therapy as well as concepts from Attachment Theory, Family Systems Theories and Postmodern methodologies. I have an emotionally supportive, passionate approach building on a humanistic view.

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