Therapy with children and adolescents

For children and adolescents I offer this services:

    • Relationship issues with peers and authorities
    • Academic problems in school and college
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Eating Disorder

Adolescence is a time of change, self-discovery and experimentation. It is a very intense and pioneering phase shaping the general outlook to life and developing methods to prevail. This period in life is dominated by the desire for increased autonomy, independence and search for one’s identity. Emerging issues often seem overwhelming and scary and can lead to severe crisis situations.

My focus is to support children and adolescents in their developmental stage in the context of their social environment and life situation. I counsel parents and caregivers, guiding them to find new approaches and solutions for present concerns and problems.

I provide individual counseling for adolescents with periodic collateral contacts with parents and/or care-givers.

Common themes are: individuation- separation, self-acceptance, sleep and eating disorders, career choice, academic problems in school and college, first love and breakup, sexual identity and gender issues, alcohol and cannabis abuse, media addiction, depression and suicidal ideation, conflicts with authority and parents.

About me:

I am a native German and received my training and licenses in Germany and the US. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  and I worked with families, couples, individuals, teens and children in a wide range of settings and cultural contexts. I integrate empirically validated therapies (CBT), Client Centered Therapy as well as concepts from Attachment Theory, Family Systems Theories and Postmodern methodologies. I have an emotionally supportive, passionate approach building on a humanistic view.

Please get in touch with me:

Blanka Leeker Psychotherapy
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Tel +49 171 9 302 402