• Therapy with Children and Adolescents

    Adolescence is a time of change, self-discovery and experimentation. It is a very intense and pioneering phase shaping the general outlook to life and developing methods to prevail. This period in life is dominated by the desire for increased autonomy, independence and search for one’s identity. Emerging issues often seem overwhelming and scary and can lead to severe crisis situations.

    My focus is to support children and adolescents in their developmental stage in the context of their social environment and life situation. I counsel parents and caregivers, guiding them to find new approaches and solutions for present concerns and problems.

    I provide individual counseling for adolescents with periodic collateral contacts with parents and/or care-givers.

    Classic themes are: individuation- separation, self-acceptance, sleep and eating disorders, career choice, academic problems in school and college, first love and breakup, sexual identity and gender issues, alcohol and cannabis abuse, media addiction, depression and suicidal ideation, conflicts with authority and parents.

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  • Family Therapy

    Systemic family therapy nurtures change and development, by paying particular attention to the interactions between family members. The individual is not considered in isolation, but in the context of his/her relationships with members of the social structure where the problem is located. Family therapy is a solution-focused, mostly brief therapy.

    I conduct my treatment with individuals, parents, nuclear families or multigenerational/extended families. My goal is to improve communication, develop new patterns of interaction and activate internal resources. I help to enhance family relationships and establishing healthy ways resolving conflicts.

    Some frequently reasons to start family therapy are:

    – Change of family constellation
    – Divorce or remarriage
    – Adoption
    – Chronic illness of a family member
    – Death in the family

    In our initial meeting we will clarify and assess your needs and goals; then we develop a plan to step-wise improve the situation.

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  • Multi-Cultural Therapy

    I specialize in multicultural counseling, where I address common issues experienced by members of the expat community. I can also address a wide range of mental health issues.

    Living abroad can be full of wonderful experiences and adventures. At the same time it can also be difficult, lonely, isolating, overwhelming and downright depressing.

    All cultures have their own norms, values, beliefs, and practice. Living in a new environment makes it difficult to hold on to your familiar behavior patterns. Individuals are faced with changes in their professional, social and private environment that might cause feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, loneliness, and alienation.

    The focus of our work together would be helping you to adjust to your environment and get a firm grip on your new international experience.

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  • Individual Therapy for Adults

    We often seek out a therapist because we feel stuck. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge the situation and to reach out for help.

    I offer you personal support helping you addressing your issues and moving forward towards positive change.

    Utilizing my in-depth professional training and years of experience I enjoy working with individuals on a broad variety of issues:

    • Relationship issues
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Trauma and PTSD
    • Grief and loss
    • Health related issues
    • Management of chronic illness

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  • Coaching

    People, who are facing important life decisions or are in the middle of challenging transitions oftentimes benefit from coaching, providing professional review, stimulation and encouragement.

    Coaching is designed to improve existing skills, competence and performance enhancing personal effectiveness or growth. Coaching offers support in daily life and provides coping strategies in crisis situations.

    I provide coaching for following areas:

    – Identify and implement new goals
    – Preparing professional decisions
    – Developing successful strategies for interviews and negotiations
    – Build-up and establish competence in challenging situations
    – Self-reflection

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